Assalamu Alaikum

Co-founder & CEO

Mohammed Anis


With a shared vision to address a significant challenge in our ummah, both I, Mohammad Anis and my esteemed Co-founder, took the proactive step of founding Spiritual Self Recovery. The challenge we identified was the absence of tailored assistance and direction for our Muslim brothers and sisters grappling with pornography addiction. Equipped with a comprehensive understanding of Islamic teachings and a deep awareness of the issue, we recognized the lack of resources that effectively combined practical recovery methods with the profound wisdom of Islamic spirituality. Existing online sources fell short in addressing the distinctive requirements of Muslims, disregarding the crucial role that nurturing one's spirituality and purifying the heart play in overcoming addiction. Our journey to a solution began with meaningful conversations and extensive research, leading to the creation of our flagship course, "Spiritual Self Recovery." The sensitivity surrounding this topic within our community was evident, motivating us to create a course that not only employed proven techniques responsible for the recovery of thousands from pornography addiction but also facilitated physical, mental, and spiritual healing. We ensured that the course was affordable, secure, and maintained an element of anonymity.

As we look to the future, our mission stands steadfast. Our commitment remains resolute in guiding individuals beyond the challenges of pornography addiction and bringing them closer to Allah Almighty. Our ultimate objective is to help individuals unlock their boundless potential by embarking on a journey of self-discovery, profound healing, and spiritual reinvigoration.

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