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A Safe and Anonymous Online Programme for Muslims to Break Free from Porn and Sexual Addictions. 

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The Toolkit for Muslims to Overcome Porn Addiction


An Affordable, Spiritually Enriched Online Program to Break Free from Porn, Sex Addiction, and Compulsive Behaviors.


Benefits of our course 

Flexible Learning


Progress at your own pace with our adaptable course structure

Reclaim Control


Break free from a porn addiction and regain your life's balance

Mental Clarity


Shift focus from porn to what truly matters for clear thinking

Confidence Renewal


Overcome anxieties and rediscover healthy sexual confidence

Relationship Revival


Mend and enrich relationships strained by porn's impact

Engaging Videos


Benefit from expert guidance through informative video training

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Shocking Pornography Statistics


35% of all internet downloads are related to pornography.

68% of young adult males and 18% of females use porn weekly.


50% of partnerships suffer due to pornography.


88.6% of the people in the Arab World watched Porn in the last year.

Almost half started watching porn as young as 10-15 years old.


Reference: Gitnux/ Research Gate

Spiritual Awakening Circle


Gain immediate access to a wealth of resources, comprehensive courses, enlightening events, thoughtful reminders, and much more. Experience a judgment-free environment that ensures complete anonymity.

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• Doses of motivation, unwavering support, and mutual accountability among fellow members

• Exclusive access to invaluable content

• Engaging weekly coaching sessions

• An embracing community united in the journey to overcome porn addiction 



Take the first step towards reclaiming your life from porn addiction. Don't wait any longer – start your path to recovery now and experience the freedom you deserve. Your future without the grip of addiction is just a click away.

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